The RTV was formally established by Regional Law n. 11 of 16 February 2010. The norms governing how it functions are contained in Regional Regulations published in 2013 (“Norme per il funzionamento del Registro Tumori del Veneto”), as approved by the Italian Data Protection Authority.
Over the years in which it has been active, the population covered by the registry has gradually risen, and in 2018 it reached the Veneto’s whole population (4,900,000 residents), making it the largest tumour registry in Italy.
The Veneto Tumour Registry is a member of the Italian Association of Tumour Registries (AIRTUM) and cooperates with some of the most prestigious international institutions dedicated to tumour epidemiology.
The registry has a new website that makes it more readily accessible to citizens and public health operators than the previous, original version.